Tooth Colored Dental Fillings In Modesto, California

Dr. Surjit Chahal may recommend tooth-colored dental fillings to repair your teeth if they have sustained damage from cavities or cracking. Fillings work to repair and restore minor tooth damage, restoring the damaged teeth to their original structures and strength so that you can resume normal oral functions and eliminate any discomfort.

When you receive a dental filling, our dentists will thoroughly clean the tooth, taking care to remove any damaged tooth structure. The filling material will then be placed and shaped to fit the contours of your tooth. Finally, our dentists will harden the filling material and polish it to complete your treatment. This entire procedure can usually be completed in a single appointment, and a local anesthetic will be applied to ensure that you remain comfortable while receiving your filling.

Traditionally, dental fillings have been made of a silver amalgam material. At Allure Dental Care & Orthodontics, however, we use only composite, or tooth-colored, filling material when providing your treatment. We have chosen to use composite materials in order to providing you with a more aesthetic and long-lasting result and to promote better oral health in the long term. Benefits of composite dental fillings include:

  • A material that bonds to your tooth, providing more support for your natural tooth structure
  • A reduced risk of the tooth breaking or fracturing in the future
  • Greater insulation from and less sensitivity to hot and cold temperature changes
  • Better seals around the edges of the damaged area, resulting in less risk of decay and leaks after treatment
  • A filling that can be repaired and replaced without being removed entirely from the tooth
  • A treatment that can correct damage from cavities too small to be treated with amalgam fillings
  • A biologically compatible treatment — no mercury or other metals are used during treatment
  • A more aesthetic final result — your filling is carefully selected to match your natural tooth color

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