Lumineers© Dental Veneers In Modesto, California

No-Prep Veneers

Page ImageAchieve the smile of your dreams with Lumineers®! Lumineers are a type of dental veneers specially designed to be ultrathin and mimic the natural appearance of your tooth enamel. Thanks to their unique design, Lumineers can be bonded to your teeth without the need to grind down any of your original tooth structure, preserving your teeth and giving you a much more comfortable treatment experience.

Plan on your Lumineers treatment requiring two appointments to complete. At your first appointment, our dentists will take a mold of your teeth and discuss the correct shade of white for your Lumineers. This mold will then be sent to the DenMat Lab, where all Lumineers are created. After your Lumineers have been created, you will return for your second appointment, and our dentists will carefully bond your Lumineers to your teeth. This process will take about an hour, and as mentioned above, will not require any adjustments to your natural tooth structure.

Your Lumineers are designed to feel comfortable and natural from the moment they are placed on your teeth. You should not experience any sensitivity or other issues following the bonding procedure. We encourage you to take proper care of your teeth to ensure the longevity of your Lumineers — when properly cared for with good oral hygiene, Lumineers have been known to last for up to 20 years!

If you have any questions about Lumineers in Modesto, California, or if you want to make an appointment with Dr. Surjit Chahal, please contact Allure Dental Care & Orthodontics at 209-521-3400. We look forward to helping you enhance your smile!