Oral Sedation

Dr. Surjit Chahal may recommend oral sedation to help you manage dental anxiety and fear. Oral sedation is a type of conscious sedation and is typically administered in a pill form. It allows you to remain awake during your treatment while feeling completely at ease. There are many benefits to oral sedation, including:

  • A quick and easy sedation treatment, as you only need to take oral medication
  • A comfortable and relaxed dental experience
  • A less expensive sedation option

When you have your initial consultation, our dentists will discuss your medical history, oral health needs and sedation options with you. If we determine that oral sedation is the right option for you, our dentists will prescribe the medication and provide you with instructions on when to take it. You will need to have someone available to drive you to and from your appointment for your own safety and that of others. When you arrive at our office, you will be awake but should feel very relaxed. If you feel drowsy during your appointment, do not be alarmed — this is fairly normal. You may also not remember all the details of your appointment or feel as if you slept through your visit after the medication wears off.

If you have any questions about oral sedation in Modesto, California, or if you want to schedule a visit with our dentists, call Allure Dental Care & Orthodontics today at 209-521-3400.