Pediatric Dental Checkups & Cleanings

Dental cleanings and exams are two of the most important treatments our dentists and team provide. We are committed to helping your child maintain a healthy mouth and smile, and we recommend that you bring them to Allure Dental Care & Orthodontics for a dental checkup and cleaning every six months. These appointments will include:

  • A thorough, gentle cleaning to remove plaque or calculus from their teeth
  • Flossing and polishing their teeth
  • A careful examination to check for signs of cavities, gum disease or other problems

We may also take dental X-rays if needed to further examine your child’s teeth and make sure they are receiving all the care they need. If you are concerned about X-rays and radiation, never fear! Our office uses digital X-rays, which are extremely safe for use. Digital X-rays are quick and comfortable and produce up to 90% less radiation so that we can examine your child safely.

While your child should receive a dental checkup every six months, Dr. Surjit Chahal may recommend a more frequent schedule of visits based on their individual needs. We also encourage you to contact us immediately if your child experiences a dental emergency, injury or oral pain.

Contact us today at 209-521-3400 to make your child’s appointment with our dentists and team and learn more about pediatric dental cleanings and exams in Modesto, California!