Digital X-Rays

One of the diagnostic tools used most frequently at Allure Dental Care & Orthodontics is digital radiography. Digital X-rays changed the way we capture images of your teeth and supporting structures, making the process faster, more comfortable and more convenient. Digital X-rays work to capture highly detailed images of your teeth and supporting oral structures, making it possible for our dentists to diagnose developing problems more quickly and accurately. Some of the issues that digital X-rays aid in diagnosing and treating include:

  • Tooth decay
  • Fractures and cracks in teeth and fillings
  • Infection in the tooth nerves
  • Bone loss
  • Issues with tooth root positioning
  • Cysts, abscesses and tumors
  • Developmental abnormalities

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Our dentists and team also use digital X-rays to plan procedures such as root canal treatment, implant placement, orthodontic treatments and oral surgery so that you can receive treatments that are tailored to your individual needs and will be effective in providing you with the results you need to achieve and maintain a healthy smile.

Many patients have concerns about the safety of X-rays. The truth is that digital X-rays are extremely safe for use. Digital X-rays produce up to 90% less radiation than film X-rays do, and they do not require any toxic chemicals to develop images. Additionally, X-ray machines are periodically checked to ensure that they remain safe for use and function properly.

For more information about digital X-rays in Modesto, California, or to make an appointment with Dr. Surjit Chahal, contact our office at 209-521-3400.