Pediatric Dental Crowns

Your child’s baby teeth are temporary, but they play a key role in your child’s oral development and smile, including the following:

  • Facilitate speech production and development
  • Aid in proper jaw development
  • Contribute to good chewing habits and better nutrition
  • Help with eruption, spacing and alignment of permanent teeth
  • Help your child feel confident when smiling and in their overall appearance

Unfortunately, children’s teeth are at great risk for developing decay and sustaining damage. If your child’s teeth are severely decayed, our dentists may find that fillings are ineffective and instead recommend pediatric dental crowns. Most baby tooth dental crowns are made from stainless steel, as it is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry as the treatment of choice for children with severe tooth decay or who have received a baby tooth root canal (also known as a pulpotomy).

Benefits of a baby tooth dental crown include:

  • Complete protection for the affected tooth
  • Little to no tooth sensitivity after treatment
  • A reduced chance of retreatment
  • A more successful treatment option than fillings in children younger than age 4
  • A double function as a space maintainer — in fact, a stainless steel crown may also be used as an attachment for a space maintainer

If your child is receiving a dental crown, our dentists and team will take great care to help them feel at ease and receive their treatment in comfort and without any stress.

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