Tooth Extractions
Modesto, California

Your natural teeth are the best ones to have for your lifetime. But sometimes, life happens and one or more of your teeth might need to come out to keep your smile healthy. If you are in need of a tooth extraction in Modesto, California, contact Allure Dental Care & Orthodontics at 209-521-3400 today for a consultation with our dentists! Dr. Surjit Chahal and our team are eager to give you the best foundation for your oral health.

Tooth extraction is when we remove a tooth from your mouth. We do our best to avoid this whenever possible, but accidents, infection or other conditions can make an extraction the best choice for your oral health. Rest assured that our dentists will make sure an extraction is what you really need and that we will work with you after to find the best replacement option for your smile.

Your comfort is important to us, and we will make sure that the extraction is performed in as comfortable and painless a way as possible. Our dentists will also meet with you after your extraction to talk about how to care for your smile and make sure your extraction site stays healthy.

To learn more about tooth extractions, contact our office today and schedule your appointment with our caring dentists.